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Connected People. Productive Workplaces.

Enhance employee engagement with corporate trainings and interactive experiences.

Connecting humans and workspaces.  WHY?

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on employee engagement and mental health and today, more than ever before, we understand the importance of human connection in project productivity and the wellbeing of our organisations.  

The importance of human connection during CoVid19 >

Revive Human Connection

A new level of emotional intelligence and relational acumen is now required to remain healthy, engaged and motivated on a personal and collective level.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Increase employee engagement in digital and physical workplaces through interactive experiences in

Human Connection, Authentic Leadership, Mentorship Development programs.

Build Inclusive Workplaces

Our highly interactive and engaging experiences are a great way to boost authentic leadership, mindful communication and collaboration which lead to improved performance and employee engagements.    

Empower individuals to empower your organisation

Our interactive programs teach powerful, applicable skills to cultivate real and collaborative relationships at work and in life. 

Our Programmes >

Impactful Communication Training






Authentic Leadership Development







For organisation & individuals


Revolutionise the way you relate with your team

Transformational experiences backed by world experts in mindful communication, emotional intelligence and authentic leadership.  

Our Approach >

Live and online programmes

Our in-person programs are now offered through live online sessions. These online, highly interactive and highly engaging experiences are a great way to support your team, build human connection and grow problem solving skills in an ever-digitising work environment. 

Science-based approach

Backed by psychology, neuroscience  ccccc

Personalised experiences

Our programs and custom solutions that meet your organisation’s needs...


Connect with a Senior Consultant >

For Individuals

The ART Leadership Institute (ARTLI) is a member of ART International. 


Together, we are working towards a more connected world in which people feel alive, inspired and fulfilled. 


Reimagine the Organisation

To survive, businesses must adapt to the future of work and retrain leaders and personnel to ensure the success of the organisation.

Focus on Talent

HR leaders must rethink talent strategies by creating top talent, rebuilding social capital and reinventing employee engagement to create a sense of community, common purpose and camaraderie.

Double-down on Team Wellbeing

Employers must step-up to address the surge in panic, depression and anxiety amongst the workforce whilst expanding empathy for work-life balance.

Read more The importance of human connection during CoVid19 >

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