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Enhance employee engagement with corporate trainings and interactive experiences.


Covid, we have a Human Connection problem...

In 2020 organisations faced management challenges like never before.

Separation and Distancing

Working from home required better communication skills, more focus and creative engagement skills during online meetings and project development.


Stressed Employees

Employers had to step-up to address the surge in panic, depression and anxiety amongst the workforce whilst expanding empathy for work-life balance.

Overwhelmed managers

HR leaders had to rethink talent strategies, by creating top talent, rebuilding social capital and reinventing employee engagement to create a sense of community, common purpose and camaraderie.

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Relax, ARTli has got this.

Our human-centric courses are designed to recreate a sense of community, common purpose and collaboration amongst participants to allow a seamless flow of knowledge and effective work.

Give your employees the opportunity to acquire new leadership and communication skills to successfully manage, motivate and inspire teams from a distance.

Bridge the generational gap with mentor-mentee programmes to guide how people adapt, relate to each other and work in partnership in the face of constant change.


Social Capital

Train Brilliant



with Purpose



The ART Leadership Institute (ARTLI) uses a psychology-based approach involving structured conversation models, mindful leadership, and interactive games to design a relational experience that allows you to connect authentically with another person. 


Our courses are immersive and experiential in nature. Through interactive shared experiences online or in-person, we help you recreate a sense of community, common purpose and camaraderie.

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Communication Tower

Take your organisation on our transformative programmes.

Invest in the development of employee-to-employee relationships to improve collaboration and impact.

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Train managers to be trusted leaders, mindful listeners and to speak transparently and empathetically to stakeholders, employees and clients.

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Create inclusive and psychologically safe environments by modelling behaviours that value the input of all members and encourage innovation.

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Authentic Communication Courses

Authentic Leadership Training

Mentoring skills for Leaders

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“I have witnessed a dramatic shift in the way our teams communicate and problem solve in a fast paced work environment.”



Yoshi Aono, CEO Sun Wellness