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Connecting Worksplaces & People

Communication Tower

Our approach.  WHO are we?

The ART Leadership Institute (ARTLI) uses a psychology-based approach involving [structured conversation starters]/[sentence stems], mindful leadership, and interactive games to design a conversation experience that allows you to connect authentically with another person. 


Our courses are immersive and experiential in nature. Through interactive shared experiences online or in-person, we help you recreate a sense of community, common purpose and camaraderie.

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Mentor participants come together in an interactive shared human experience during which they connect on a human level and have an opportunity to reinforce pre-covid social bonds.  




Mentor participants uplevel their authentic communication skills by leading and facilitating interactions first with peers in a self-development context and second with Mentees in the Division. 




Within the Division, reinforce human connectivity to increase collective energy levels, communication flow and creative problem solving in a remote work environment. 




Deploy role models who reinforce a shared sense of purpose and inspire young talents foster effective and commercially productive relationships. 

Your Benefits

Programmes that reveal the power of Human Connection.

  • Counteract the effects of separation and distancing on your workflow.


  • Develop resilience, more focus and remain productive and build a sense of community and common purpose.


  • Share human experiences that are engaging and energising


  • Develop the leadership needed to sustain high-performance.


  • Reinvent your organisation’s culture and create a general well-being.


  • Reduce stress and anxiety whilst creating empathy and better communication amongst employees.

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