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Reintroduce Human Connection in a Digital Work Environment

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

The world of human connection is tipping ever more away from in-person to digital as teams and businesses have found themselves physically disconnected from their fellow colleagues, friends and families.

In 2020, interactions between team members have become mostly digital as people have had to adapt to this changing landscape while experiencing the mental and emotional consequences of physical disconnection. Company culture, company morale and business as a whole have been affected by the loss of physical face-to-face human interaction.

Business leaders are increasingly recognizing that employee wellbeing and energy management need to be new focus areas to ensure cohesion and alignment among all stakeholders.

We see that energy levels of employees rise and motivation levels increase when people feel connected, heard, seen and valued.

Company culture which used to be felt and experienced at in-person team building events that included drinks, food and in-person social interactions, now need to be re-invented using digital platforms. Innovative strategies and activities have to be implemented both in the onboarding process of new graduates and in maintaining a strong company culture with existing employees and leadership.

By necessity, employee engagement has to evolve to an entire new level.

More than ever before, it has become even more important to communicate company values and establish a relational connection with employees on a regular basis.

Raise the quality of human connection

Whether it is through internal digital communication or in-person via a video or voice call, the quality of each human connection defines company culture.

Companies need to promote a cultural paradigm where employees can build meaningful and trusting relationships with each other while also being offered an opportunity to reconnect with company values.

We see that energy levels of employees rise and motivation levels increase when people feel connected, heard, seen and valued.

We believe that training in authentic communication has become a non-negotiable necessity for any business.

Communication is a key skill

The way we communicate shapes the way we are perceived, received and remembered.

Through a sequence of words we can make or fail to make lasting impressions on other people. The choice and sequencing of our words may determine the type of impression we leave on another person or a group of people. Will others feel and remember our anxiety and monotone voice, or our passion and executive presence? Will people we have just spoken to leave a meeting feeling drained and low in energy, or nourished, energised and motivated to show up fully in their roles and functions?

When we leave a digital meeting room, we often do not remember the content of the meeting, but we always remember how one person made us feel. Whether it was a positive, neutral or negative experience, we remember the energetic state in which we left the call.

How Authentic Communication helps

Authentic Communication is an art of communication that focuses on creating energising and connecting relationships between people through principles based in authentic leadership, mindfulness, structured conversation starters and extensively tested interactive games. Our programme is designed to create an opportunity for team members to share authentic experiences that build connectivity, trust and engagement.

Our experience demonstrates that once the authentic connectivity is established between team members, energy levels rise, communication flows between parties, problems are creatively solved and teams connect as a unit, all while working remotely in different parts of the world.

Authentic Communication offers an opportunity to reinforce corporate culture and company values through the use of digital media and natural human expression.

Our Authentic Communication programme offers an entirely new level of emotional intelligence, resilience and company wellbeing. Participants up-level their authentic communication skills while playing authentic relating games and getting the opportunity to lead and facilitate authentic interactions.

Employees walk away with authentic communication skills, an experiential engagement of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection and worksheets that allow them to reproduce authentic communication outside of the programme.

Talk to us about introducing an Authentic Communication training at your organisation: click here to send us an email.


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