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Case Studies

Vriens & Partners 

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Customised Wellbeing Programme (Well to Work)


Self-care & Resilience


Company wide 


3 month (weekly 30 min classes & weekly 30 min workshops)


Live, In-Person



When Covid-19 started and all our staff at Vriens & Partners became confined to work from home, we realised that we had to do something to keep everyone engaged in a positive way. We decided to work with Delphine for 3 months. Within a few days she put together a Care & Resilience program to be offered to everyone at the same time twice a week for half an hour.

Each Tuesday she conducted a session with focus on movement, toning and different ways of breathing. To keep everyone in proper motion while sitting and working from home, and giving them the understanding of the importance of movement and breath. She did this with lots of enthusiasm and ease. Many of our staff enjoyed this and felt the benefits growing during the weeks. 

The Friday session provided-background information on wellness. It was beautifully put together. It gave a lot of information on the importance of food, sleep, breathing and mindfulness practices. 

After 6 weeks, we realised that for our company the movement, toning and breathing practices were much more beneficial to a larger group of people, who were all working at a desk. We immediately adjusted the program to what worked best for most. This change deepened the understanding of the practice for a large group in the company. It gave people more clarity through the day, took away some of their anxiety and it provided a place for many to get together, away from the daily activities.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Delphine.

Katy Le Blanc 

Finance Advisor 

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