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Dr Adriana Candeias PhD
Managing Director


Functional Therapy, Executive Coaching, Wellness strategy


English, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, French

Adriana is a human connection consultant with 15 years experience as a therapist, lecturer, and educational adviser supporting organisations and individuals worldwide.  


Specialised in executive leadership, authentic relating and stress management, she regularly designs transformational curriculums focused on self-awareness, wellbeing capital and compassionate communication in the context of personal and professional relationships.

Adriana founded Applied Sustainable Health in London, a highly successful health practice which combines functional medicine, restorative nutrition and self' reflection  empowering clients to embody a healthier lifestyle.  Her areas of research include the physiology of emotions, neurobiology, and sustainable health management. 


Adriana is Portuguese, holds a PhD in Physiology and Statistics from the University of Wales, attended several postgraduate programmes at the University of Barcelona (Biology) and graduated from the University of Lisbon (Biological Research). 

She firmly believes a better world is possible through adaptability, creativity and thriving networks.  Adriana is a mother, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and shines in multicultural contexts.

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