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Unlock your team's potential.

Authentic Relating Training.  Authentic Leadership Development.  Coaching & Mentoring. 

Human Connection through Authentic Relating

ART stands for Authentic Relating Training. Authentic Relating is a communication tool that fosters instant human connection through principles based in mindful communication, relational leadership and psychology.

We specialise in the delivery of communication experiences and mentoring programmes to create human connection and psychological safety in the distributed workplace.

As a global diversified professional organisation, we understand how challenging professional and personal life balance can be. That's why we offer our own social technologies to help you create shared experiences that keep your team motivated, boost cohesion and help general wellbeing at work.

Our Approach

Our psychology-based approach involves structured conversational frameworks, interactive exercises and relational practices to design a work environment that allows you to connect authentically with others and increase productivity together.


Our immersive and experiential courses help you recreate a sense of community, common purpose and camaraderie.

Our connection courses have been refined since 2015 to cultivate trust, authenticity, empathy and team spirit. Level up your team’s leadership, communication and emotional intelligence through genuine and fun experiences. 

Our Solutions

Communication training to develop your relationships on a professional level.


Authentic Relating
in the workspace


Employee Wellbeing Workshop

Educational and interactive Wellbeing workshop to develop mental health awareness, authentic communication skills and self-care habits.   


Authentic Leadership Development

Train managers to be trusted leaders, mindful listeners and to speak transparently and empathetically to stakeholders, employees and clients.


Conflict Transformation

Unlock your team's individual and collective potential by empowering everyone's with compassionate-based language.


Mentor Development

Pass on the torch and leave a legacy that supports work satisfaction, job retention, and happiness.


Organisational Coaching

Develop healthy, committed and engaging relationships amongst all stakeholders and bring them along into your vision.

We are proud of our world class teachers who bring their expertise in human connection, authentic communication, authentic listening, conflict resolution, business leadership, psychology, mindfulness, their personal experience and lots of relatable stories.


For large-scale implementation we provide customised consulting, assessments and train-the-trainer and training after-care.

You are in good company

We work with all employee levels -from executive to recent grads and across all work functions.

  • Executives and Leaders: introduce communication frameworks to your leaders and their teams. 


  • Teams & Business Units: unlock your teams' potential and boost innovation. 

  • Individuals & Groups: create psychological safety to foster authentic conversations for cohesion, inclusion and collaboration.


We love working with organisations.

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Client Stories

“I have received a lot of positive feedback from my team on these sessions. Everyone benefited from how simple yet effective sessions the sessions were and how easily the techniques can be applied in their daily routine.”

Jasmine Kaur
Director, Business Development & Marketing

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