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Spark the change in your organisation and yourself.

Join Us for a 30-Minute Interactive Taster

At ARTLI we want to offer you an opportunity to experience our approach first-hand and give you a taster of the Authentic Relating communication models and interactive games before you join our programmes.

These calls are free, delivered by our ARTLI Senior Course Leaders and open to managers and HRs who are in a position to know what is best for their teams.

In your taster session, you will experience:

An introduction to Authentic Relating skills and tools that you can use in your working relationships right away and practice with others in your life.

Mindfulness-based experiences that lead to more focus,  better expression of ideas and more efficient team management. 

Q&A during which yout can find out more of our unique approach and how we can help you and your team resolving your organisation's needs for human connenction..

Our next taster sessions are:

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