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Daniel Brooks

Learning Designer


Authentic Relating, Resilience, Nervous System Training


English, Danish

Brooks is a Danish-American facilitator, trainer and consultant. He brings 10 years of experience, teaching both online and live courses.  


Prior to joining the ART team, Brooks empowered teams at Volvo with Authentic Relating trainings and built communities at start-ups and co-working spaces in Sweden and Germany. 


His background features experience from quite diverse avenues of life. He served in the Danish Army reserves between 1999 and 2012, having been deployed to the conflicts in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. At its core, he believes authentic relating to be vital training of the emotional intelligence necessary to manage the nervous system in tense interpersonal conflict, as well as practicing context-setting agility to improve the chances of successful outcomes. As a Zen practitioner in the Soto lineage, he also values the practice of compassionate engagement and listening with everyone on his path as a primary driver for a life well-spent.


Brooks holds a B.Sc in Physics from the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen University. Is a certified authentic relating facilitator at the Integral Center in Boulder, CO.  He spends his free time building community with the Pan-Scandinavian Borderland community. 

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