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Jesse Nolan

Course Leader




Jesse is an American, relational teacher, facilitator and coach. 


He works as a relational coach and consultant with groups and 1-on-1 with a focus on Emotional Intelligence, generative communication and developing psychological safety. 


Jesse is deeply inspired by the potential that seems to be unlocked through the act of simply embodying authentic humanness and relating from that place. He has watched and experienced it transform seemingly unresolvable conflict. He has felt the safety and creativity that emerges from this way of engaging with the world.


Jesse holds a B.S. in Management Leadership and a B.S. in Human Resource Management, both business degrees. He also holds a certificate for Social Impact Entrepreneurship. Jesse has a strong value for authenticity, truth, humility, the spaces in between, integrity of word, and the wisdom of the human organism.  


He enjoys spending time in nature, cooking and connecting with others. He holds a deep reverence for human connection, both to oneself and to others, and the potential that can be catalysed from that connection. 

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