Dr Margo Greenwood, PhD

Course Leader

Margo brings sixteen years of experience as an education leader and researcher to her current dual role as NGO human rights researcher in the global South and course leader for ART. 


As a principal investigator on high profile research in countries in crisis, Margo knows the vital skills of building relationship and honing communication when the stakes are high. Through ART, she is able to share how this is embodied in context.


Prior to her current roles, Margo was a postgraduate teacher and PhD supervisor, teaching research methods, ethics, creativity and futures thinking. She has also been a project manager in think tank settings. 


Margo holds a PhD in Education from the University of Exeter, with a focus on creativity and futures thinking. She has an English undergraduate and postgraduate degree, an MSc in Educational Research and is qualified to teach in higher education. She lives just outside of London near a forest, which she regularly explores with her daughter.

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