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Ryel Kestano

Learning Advisor


Learning Design, Programme Creation, Facilitation



Ryel developed most of ART’s core curricula, courses, and programs and is responsible for designing ART's training programs. He has led and facilitated over 500 sessions to tens of thousands of participants and attendees in over 40 locations around the world and online, and has led ART to become the largest and most successful authentic relating training organization in the world. 


Prior to setting up ART, Ryel was the Training Operations Manager and a Certified Facilitator at the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado, a leading institution in authentic communication and community development training. His entrepreneurial endeavours include co-founding Virtuance, the world's largest real estate photography company, the People's Farm, a farm-to-consumer distribution network, and Pink Mammoth, a prominent creative arts collective based in San Francisco. Ryel launched his career as a hedge-fund trader for Moore Capital Management in New York City. 


Ryel is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, holds an MFA from the University of Southern California, and attended the University of Denver Business School. He lives in the Colorado mountains, has four very authentic children and is an avid rock climber. 

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