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Connected People. Productive Workplaces.

Enhance employee engagement with corporate trainings and interactive experiences.

Empower individuals to empower your organization

Harness the full potential of your organisation with groundbreaking communication tools and mentorship development programs that positively impact your organization's vision, mission and success.

Covid-19 has shown the importance of human connection and its impact on employee engagement and mental wellbeing. 

Revive Human Connection

A new level of emotional intelligence and relational acumen is now required to remain healthy, engaged and motivated on a personal and collective level.

ART Leadership Institute offers a new approach to interpersonal communication proven to impact how your people connect with each other, their managers and also your organization's mission, vision and direction. 
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Enhance Employee Engagement

Increase employee engagement in digital and physical workplaces through interactive experiences in

Human Connection, Authentic Leadership, Mentorship Development programs.

Our transformational programs are backed by world experts in neuroscience, psychology and 

authentic relating.  

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Build Inclusive Workplaces

Our highly interactive and engaging experiences are a great way to boost authentic leadership, mindful communication and collaboration which lead to improved performance and employee engagements.    

Our programs and custom solutions meet your organisation’s needs to support your team, lead mindful negotiations, and grow problem solving skills in an ever-digitising work environment. 

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About Us

The aim of ART Leadership Institute is to help people develop the skills of authentic leadership, mindfulness and human connection to create the conditions for individual and collective thriving. 


We are a global community making authentic relating and emotional intelligence practical and accessible through guided experiences and interactive learning.


Together, we are working towards a more connected world in which people feel alive, seen and supported. 

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Our Approach

We recognise employees and coworkers needs for human connection human in the workplace and out of the workplace.

With our live and online programs we aim at empowering leaders with skills which are not only extraordinary at improving wellness in your organisation and in everyone's personal lives.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations to communicate authentically both in and outside work. 

By offering supported, interactive online short courses, ARTLI takes its knowledge and purpose to a worldwide audience. 

For Organisations

We partner with companies and organisations to implement trainings that boost wellbeing, resilience and collaboration, leading to improved performance and employee engagement. 


Create a culture of authentic leadership, mindful communication, relational feedback from the top down. 


ART Leadership Institute programs train senior leaders and managers to lead with impact and become effective mentors who embody authenticity, relational acumen and emotional intelligence.

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For Individuals

The ART Leadership Institute (ARTLI) is a member of ART International. 


Together, we are working towards a more connected world in which people feel alive, inspired and fulfilled. 

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