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Transforming Relationships in the Workplace with Authentic Relating

Authentic relating rehumanizes people.

It recognizes that employees and coworkers are human in the workplace and out of the workplace. They go home to families, struggle with life circumstances, seek pleasure in passions of the heart, have strong opinions about things, and do their best to live in accordance with their values.

The era of seeing workers as cogs in a machine, of measuring success by key performance indicators and rewarding output with bonuses and stock options is fast coming to a close. Forward-thinking companies and organizations are recognizing that engagement, innovation, morale, and productivity all correlate to workers feeling treated like the whole humans they are.

As a whole, we spend more time in the workplace and among our coworkers than we do in our own home and with our friends and families.

Implementing a workplace culture that values the whole human is vital for employees' overall emotional health, and synergistically contributes to healthy, stable home life as well.

Employees who have healthy, empowering, trustable relationships in their lives - both at work and at home - will show up fully resourced and engaged, and will go above and beyond to see the company succeed and their coworkers thrive.

ART Leadership Institute's training courses and programs provide an immediately applicable framework for healthy workplace relationships. The skills and tools we teach allow employees to feel safe and welcome in their human experiences, and empower them to create and cultivate workplace relationships that are rooted in trust, vulnerability, conscious communication, integrity, responsibility and accountability. Our communication and relationship-building skills work wherever humans interact, so employees can bring home everything they learn and practice in our programs and apply them just as readily to their personal relationships, with truly transformational and sustainable outcomes.

Our extensively researched and proven models are built upon the Five Practices of Authentic Relating, a relationship framework we developed in-house to make authentic relating is easily digestible and applicable as possible, by as wide a spectrum of people as possible.

We've delivered our programs to thousands of people in almost 50 locations around the world, all with vastly contrasting cultures, value systems, beliefs, and social constructs. As a result, we've been able to constantly refine our services so that they adapt cross-culturally for any audience.

We believe that authentic relating is the universal language of human connection, and can support transformation in relationships wherever humans interact.

Here is a brief summary of the Five Practices of Authentic Relating:

  1. Welcome Everything - We welcome everything that arises in our perception and awareness - in ourselves, in others, and in shared spaces. We don't turn away from that which needs attention, and bring openness and connection to all interactions

  2. Assume Nothing - We notice and take responsibility for our assumptions of people and situations, and check them out with others so that we can free ourselves from distorted perceptions and step into ever more clear and accurate relationships with others

  3. Reveal Your Experience - We let ourselves be seen, known, heard, and touched as who we really are, without constructing artificial versions of ourselves. We are willing to be vulnerable in revealing our human selves by letting people see us exactly as we are

  4. Own Your Experience - We take full responsibility for whatever we are experiencing, and for how we impact others. We strive to identify and own our part in all relational dynamics, especially in conflict

  5. Honor Self and Other - We learn what our core values, needs, and wants are, and live in accordance with them. We learn the core values, needs and wants of others, and seek to honor them. We strive to honor both self and honor at the same time, all the time

ART Leadership Institute has developed cutting-edge exercises and teachings that not only provide the experience of relational transformation for participants, but also teach them how to provide similar experiences for others.

We emphasize an embodied way of learning; authentic relating is not a cognitive practice, it lives and expresses itself from and through the whole body.

This approach ensures that graduates of our programs show up in their relationships naturally as their authentic selves, and are able to access the embodied experience as a source of extraordinary perception and intelligence. While many modern workplace cultures and practices promote disembodiment by relying heavily on technology or outmoded paradigms, ART's work integrates the whole body into a sense of whole being and whole self, which is the critical basis for healthy, connected, aligned relationships.

Our work also trains employees in how to resolve tensions and differences at the most local level and in the most efficient and integrative way.

We believe that conflict is a relationship's way of surfacing underlying implicit differences in values, needs, or wants, and so offers the opportunity to deepen understanding and awareness of each other and construct a more robust and inclusive vehicle of relationship going forward. We teach people how to identify points of tension and alchemize them into clarity and alignment without letting them fester into worsening conditions that spill out and affect bystanders and without taxing company resources to resolve issues.

We support stakeholders, partners, and managers to create and implement clear contexts of relating so that everyone is playing the same relational game and by the same rules. In the absence of clear organizational contexts, employees default to their own means of how to navigate relationships and resolve differences - some people resort to anger and blame while others resort to stonewalling and shut-down. Our skills and tools unify all members of an organization in a common awareness of how to create and support healthy, empowered, trustable relationships, which allows everyone to relax and feel safe.

Talk to us about introducing authentic communication trainings within your organisation. Click here to email us directly.


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